Adoption lingo: Linked


Adoption, like anything, comes with it’s own language and set of terms it seems. Attachment, therapeutic parenting, letterbox – these apparently innocuous words at first glance, can generate thoughts, feelings and emotions which require some careful processing and consideration.

Much of this will be done during Prep Group Training and Stage 2 discussion with your social worker, but ” linking “, being ” linked ” and finding ” links ” wasn’t a word I’d thought about to be honest. Instead, the word ” matching ” comes up a lot – the process during which the needs of a looked-after child are matched with potential, approved for adoption, parents.

” Matching ” makes sense to me. But don’t get it confused with being ” linked ” to a child… ” Linking ” is really a tentative step TOWARDS the very first rung of the ladder. Linking is ” making enquiries “, ” asking lots of pertinent ( hopefully!! ) questions ” and ” exploring whether or not a match MIGHT be worth pursuing “.

When does a ” link ” turn into a ” match ” enquiry? Answers on a postcard please SWs…

And yes, all this pontificating on my part DOES in fact mean we have been recently linked to a LO. In fact, this is our second link since our approval as adopters three months ago. The first link arose via our LA, who put forward a potential match in fact. Things didn’t progress due to issues over LO’s name ( LAs choice of name, which we couldn’t see working for us as there’s already another family member, a child, with that name – more on this in a later post ).

This new link has arisen via the family finding service Adoption Link, and we’re ( quietly ) very excited about this one…