A Year Down The Line

Yes indeed! I cannot believe I’m writing this, but a whole twelve months has passed since we cranked this adoption journey into gear.

We attended our very first Introduction to Adoption session last October with our local authority. One thing they omit to tell you at these information evenings that’s stuck in my mind and seems particularly pertinent now as I reflect on the whole approval process that currently exists in England at the moment, is that despite the perception nowadays that approval has been sped up, it actually still takes a goodly long while.

That very first phone with the SW was misleading. Maybe she wanted to make the whole process sound simple and easy, but I definitely felt alarm bells going off when she stated that from initial enquiry to approval takes on average a mere 8 months. Well maybe it does. In our case it was in fact 9, due to a move of the Panel date only though. We were ready to go in June of this year but had to wait for the next Panel date in July as a high number of matches were being considered and these rightly, took precedence. SW’s comment that approval is ” quicker than an actual pregnancy ” I would say wasn’t particularly helpful. It doesn’t match up does it. As far as a pregnancy’s concerned you’re there with a real baby in your arms, ready to start putting into practice all that you’ve prepared for. After approval, you’re looking at an indefinite period of time stretching out before you, until a match is found, with no certainty that a suitable match will even materialise.

We are lucky because of our situation. We have a busy, family-orientated life. There’s always something big going on in our household. I feel for those approved parents who are childless and becoming increasingly desperate with each passing week without a match coming forward. I can understand the blank space stretching out ahead of one must look very bare and bleak. It’s a weird place to be in, this post-approval no-man’s ( no-child’s ) land. Even I’m struggling a bit. It’s the not knowing, I expect…


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