How we got to where we are now: First Step

In a previous post I mentioned that the idea of adopting one day had been bubbling around in our consciousness, gently coddling away like home-made broth on the simmering plate of the Rangemaster, that passes for a metaphor of our family life. Very occasionally we’d lift the lid on the pot and take a peek to check that the contents hadn’t curdled or gone stale through lack of attention. More recently, as is often the case when I’m in the kitchen, trying to find my inner domestic-goddess a-la Tana Ramsay ( four kids – check, curly hair which has lost its mojo during the current straight-is-trendy phase – check, millions in the bank, a celebrity-chef, marathon-running hubby and an A list little black book of friends – check, check, check… I’M JOKING!!!!!!! ), the contents of the pan began to take on a life of it’s own; ” I may very well be ready “, it said. ” Turn your attention elsewhere at this stage and I may decide to curdle, become a trifle stale or go off entirely!!! “, it said a bit louder.

The little voice inside my head that’s in touch with the part of us we sometimes refer to as our soul, was becoming increasingly louder and insistent. Intuition was making its presence felt and there were the corresponding notes from the universe which let you know in subtle and sometimes glaringly obvious ways that THE TIME IS RIGHT!

It was time to make that initial phone call…


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