Fingers in ears time, la-la-la I can’t hear you and all that


One thing I absolutely and resolutely refuse ever to do is to pay any attention to statistics. Another is to watch the news: way too much negativity, parcelled up in repetitive half hour slots, chiefly designed to panic, worry or depress you in equal measure.

My underlying motive in my refusal to do either of these things? A conscious decision made approximately two years or so ago to avoid as much of societiy’s habitual negative thinking as I possibly could. My aim? To minimise the potential for worrying! Such a senseless waste of time and energy, which achieves very little except to add to the grey on your bonce!

Don’t worry – the irony of my selection of the above image does NOT escape me, but I’m making an exception for these statistics!

Which leads me nicely on to the point of this post. Something I’ve not taken the trouble to look into yet. Instead, I’m adopting the fingers-in-ears method of handling/ignoring this helpfully non-specific, put-everyone-in-a-box and let them stew information…

Apparently, so I’ve  read, heard AND been told, there’s a statistic out there which baldly states that adoptions are more likely to break down if your family already has birth children in it when an adopted child comes to live with you.

Not listening to that one.

Just yet…

Where are the blogs, books etc from people with adoption-into-a-family-with-children-already by the way? I haven’t seen many although I am actively looking…


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